Headhunters on the prowl

I am so jazzed...I've been at Microsoft for 11 years, often prowling public places with my MSFT account, and yet until today I've never had an outside recruiter come after me.  But, my drought is finally up.  "Barbara" (do they use aliases, I wonder?) called and say she had an opportunity I'd be interested in.  My stock must be rising!  (I wish MSFT would too, but that's another story...)

What would have been really cool is if it had been a couple months ago and I could have forwarded that voicemail to my boss right before my review #'s were determined.  I wonder if that would be considered a dirty trick!

Barbara -- if you're out there, I'm flattered, but I'm afraid I'm way too addicted to my job here to consider leaving.  Call me 2010 and if things are any different then maybe I'll call you back!