Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Technologies to Device Manufacturers

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Overview

We just announced the release to manufacturing of Windows Embedded Standard 7. Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer Division at Microsoft, shared more insight around recent OEM and partner activities with Windows Embedded Standard 7 in his blog.

Developers use Windows Embedded Standard 7 to create a variety of smart, connected, and service-oriented advanced commercial or consumer devices. These devices run thousands of existing Windows applications and drivers, ranging from Thin Clients to Multi-Function Printers, including:

  • Advanced Set-top Boxes
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Full Featured Point of Service
  • Gaming Devices
  • Home Automation Gateways
  • Industrial Controls
  • Intelligent Appliances
  • Multimedia Internet Devices
  • Kiosks
  • Digital Signage
  • Mobile Point of Service
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Multi-Function Printers
  • Networked Media Devices
  • Thin Clients

Windows Embedded is a family of embedded operating systems that offer familiar tools and technologies to quickly bring the next generation of smart, connected, service-oriented devices to market. You can use the tool below to enter information about your device and embedded development environment, and the chart will display information about the Windows Embedded product or products best suited to you embedded development needs.