Introducing Event Finder App for Windows Phone

My Windows Phone App – Event Finder App – just got published last week and is available now in the Marketplace!

If you are in New Zealand, you can use the app to browse local events in your region from the Event Finder web site –

For the rest of the world, the app should still work. So if you are planning to visit New Zealand, make sure you have the app to find what’s going on!

Download Event Finder App for Windows Phone

Home Screen

Below is the screenshot of the home screen:


The home screen lists events that are featured, events happening today, tomorrow and this weekend

2-events  4-this-weekend

The events are categorised by Category which is available as Jump List.

[If you don’t know what a Jump List is, just click on the Category, which in the above screen shot would be ‘Comedy’.]

You can also tap and hold on an event to reveal the context menu – where you can add the event to your Wishlist or create Reminders or share the event via email (See Full Version for more details)


Below is the event page showing the event information:

5-event-info  6-event-ticketing  7-event-location

The event page gives you information about the event schedule, ticketing, location and small blurb about the event. For the full information about the event, you can browse the event web site from the ‘Tap here for event website

Search Events

In the current version, you can search events in your selected region. In the trial version, this is always your current region.


Trial Version

With the trial version you are able to browse and search events from your current region. You cannot change or choose your current location. You can still get event information from the event page. Below is a screenshot of the home screen in the trial version:

1a-free-featured  5a-event-free

Full Version

Following features are available in the paid version:

Browse events by your preferred location

The following regions are available:

  1. Auckland
  2. Hamilton
  3. Rotorua
  4. Palmerston North
  5. Wellington
  6. Christchurch
  7. Dunedin

You can choose and change your location anytime and the app will remember it when it launches next time.

Browse events by category

You can view events by category by choosing your category:


Event Reminders

Don't miss another event, create reminders for events!

reminder-1  reminders

Reminders are fully integrated into Windows Phone, so you will get reminded the same way as your meeting reminders


Pin your favourite events to Start

Yes! You can pin your favourite events to the Start Screen!

8-pin-to-start-1  pin-to-start-2

Event Wishlist

You can also create a wishlist of events you want to go to!

Just go to an event page and hit the Wishlist icon to add events to your wishlist


Feedback and Review

Last but not the least, don’t forget to try/buy the app and please do leave your review in the Marketplace!

You can send any feedback directly from the app too!

Download Event Finder App for Windows Phone