A somewhat awkward but necessary first step...

I am a Software Development Engineer on the WPF Application Model team. This is the team that brings you the goods of windows, the navigation framework, browser-hosted applications (XBAPs), resource loading, visual add-ins, and a bunch of miscellaneous, mostly infrastructure type of services. Oh, and of course the Application class ;-).

My personal areas are browser hosting/integration, Win32 Interop, and navigation/journaling, so my posts will likely be around these topics. After months of semi-regular participation on the WPF MSDN Forum, I realize I need a more coherent and more easily discoverable repository for various pieces of useful product information and FAQs. And maybe I will throw in an occasional tidbit or good lesson learned from my day to day experience as a developer.

I drew significant inspiration from reading to join Microsoft (which happened a little over two years ago). Now I feel it's an honor to be able to start my own. I'm just not sure how well I'll manage to keep it up. But "nothing ventured, nothing gained", they say. ;-)