I Love the MVP Program

Encarta's MVP, Stephen Stakey, has just launched the Encarta SupportZone- you can find it here. As he says, it's a place to "find how-to guides, videos, and links to other Encarta-related websites". He's already spent a lot of time in the newsgroup, dug up a lot of the pertinent information that's come over time, and conglomerated it into a centralized location.

This is a great example of how cool the MVP program can really work. Stephen's active on the Encarta newsgroup, has been involved in Encarta Betas for *at least* as long as myself, and does a great job keeping in touch with the product team. It's really enlightening to have a user on the outside who is a great contributor to the product and is a big fan of the app that we spend so much time working on.

Love the site, Stephen!