Looking For A Job?

I'm going to take a break from talking about testing and put on my recruiting hat. I've done a lot of work with Microsoft College Recruiting but I haven't done any industry recruiting, so now I'm going to pirate this space to give it a try.

My team is a bit short on people, so we're hiring. We're looking for a technical Software Test Engineer who has some coding experience (we're doing lots of work with automated testing) and ideally an interest in graphics. The opening is listed on the Microsoft.com jobs page, although it's kind of a pain to give directions to find it (note that if you're internal you can just search for the job code: 113291.) For ease of use I'll just put the job description here:

Do you love graphics? Are you interested in contributing to the next generation of graphics in Office? The Office Shared Graphics team is doing this and more, and we need your skills and talents in testing and collaboration to make that happen. We are a small team of passionate people all focused on making the next generation of Office documents come alive. We are also looking to push the boundaries of what it means to test graphics in a product. If you are passionate about graphics, committed to excellence, and love tackling difficult challenges; we are looking for you. Come join the team that is revolutionizing graphics in Office!

In this role you will be designing, architecting, running manual and automated tests, and analyzing test results in your assigned areas. You will also be responsible for communicating status, test results, and trends to team members. As well as raising issues, exploring and communicating resolution, and following up with results.

Key requirements for this role include:

  • Strong communication, problem solving, and collaboration skills 
  • A passion for customer satisfaction as well as software testing and quality
  • Previous work experience in a software testing role (2+ years experience preferred)
  • Programming experience (Visual Basic, C#, or C/C++)
  • The ideal candidate for this role would have all of the above skills and background as well as experience with and knowledge of graphics technologies, cross team collaboration, the .NET framework, and a history of success.

This is a cool team to work on. Our management is great, we get to work on interesting stuff, and there are lots of challenging technical problems to solve. If you meet these requirements and this sounds like a good fit for you go ahead and send me your resume at cdickens@microsoft.com.