A New Year–A New Team Blog–Building Clouds

Hello Readers/Viewers!

Some of you may know that I have moved! Well, partially moved. I will still keep this blog up and running for historic purposes, and who knows, I may write new stuff here again…

But, where I will be writing new stuff - on a pretty regular basis – is something new, you know for the New Year:

Building Clouds

It is a team blog, my team, here at Microsoft. My close team (like a nuclear family) is TED (Technical Enablement & Delivery); my extended team is WSSC (Windows Server & System Center).

Building Clouds is the blog for all things that fit with, among and around these two teams.

Take a look at the team specific introductory post here: The Launch of the “Building Clouds” blog

Then, if you would like, take a look at my personal intro: Building Clouds–An Introduction to the Automation Track

Finally, you can just start looking for new posts like this one (Automation–Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation) which will be published at a pretty decent pace (especially to work through all the existing stuff).

Oh, and I best not forget – The new home for my “tools” (Integration Packs, Runbook Examples, etc.) will now live here:

TechNet Gallery

I will be tagging everything I do with various obvious tags, but for an all up look at Building Clouds TechNet Gallery contributions, simply search for “Building Clouds” on the main TechNet Gallery page.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and I will see you over at Building Clouds!