Orchestrator (RC) CodePlex Integration Packs UPGRADED!

Hello Readers/Viewers!

During a recent Microsoft Internal Event (TechReady), I realized that the CodePlex IPs that I updated for System Center 2012 Orchestrator were in fact just that, updated – not UPGRADED.

Original Blog Post is here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/charlesjoy/archive/2011/11/03/orchestrator-rc-codeplex-integration-packs-updated.aspx

As of today, I have replaced all my previously posted CodePlex IPs with 1.1 Versions (and one 1.2 Version) . Each of these is an actual UPGRADE from its respective Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Integration Pack.


  • You may have noticed that previous to this UPGRADE, OIS 6.3 Policies containing objects from the old OIS 6.3 CodePlex IPs did not import properly into the Orchestrator RC (even after you had the updated RC CodePlex IPs installed)
  • This was due to the fact that I had created all the Orchestrator RC versions of the CodePlex IPs as brand new CodePlex IPs – this resulted in new GUID references in both the CAPS and OBJECTTYPES tables – essentially, Orchestrator did not recognize the existing OIS 6.3 CodePlex IP objects imported as associated with the IPs where they originated
  • Now, with these UPGRADED versions, imported policies containing objects from the old OIS 6.3 CodePlex IPs will work (you will not have to recreate all your activities because they will import properly now)
  • These new UPGRADED versions are not the same as the old versions I had posted on CodePlex for the RC – if you already reworked your runbooks to use those versions, there is no action for you with this new release (unless you want to get on this current version, which is not required)
  • My apologies for the extra work this may have caused to this point – I am just glad I noticed it before RTM

Here are the links to the UPGRADED Integration Packs on Orchestrator CodePlex Site: