Short Windows 7 ‘How To’ Videos

If you haven’t tracked them down already, you might be interested in this set of short videos showing off fun new features in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system. I didn’t know most of these features existed, and I found a number of them to be quite useful.

The features I liked the best involved simple techniques for handling multiple windows. My desktop is usually a crowded mess, and rather than pretending that we are all highly organized compulsive cleaners, the folks who built Windows 7 include lots of ways to help us clean up our chaos.

You can grab the task bar at the top of a window, shake it, and watch all the other windows on your desktop automatically minimize. There are several cool features of this type, including an explanation of that funny looking block down at the bottom right of the Windows task bar.

Most of these videos are about 1 minute in length, some as short as 30 seconds. I found watching them a useful way to pass a few minutes of my day.

The videos are kept here: Tags: Windows