ChemSpider - My first step in proving my previous post wrong

While sitting around watching a lot of college football this weekend, I started to do some searching to see if I could find blogs, wikis, and other evidence of web 2.0 approaches to building community in the chemical industry.  One of the first results I uncovered was some work being done on ChemSpider.  Now, their work is much more broad than just industry - they are building community for all chemists - but I think it is a good example of delivering value to a community in the chemical field and relevant to my previous post on the web 2.0 subject.

Reading their ChemSpider blog, I stumbled on the fact that they are using a lot of our platform to build out their capabilities (SQL Server, .NET and SharePoint), which I think is also very cool.  I'll be reading their blog to see what feedback they have about SharePoint's ability to support the work they want to do around wikis and other web 2.0 capabilities.

Brian Willson

Microsoft Chemical Team