Dow Corning Case Study on their Global Rollout of Rights Management Services to Help Protect Intellectual Property

We just released a new case study highlighting Dow Corning's on-going deployment of Rights Management Services across their enterprise.  At the time of the writing, they deployed it to the first 100 pilot users, with plans to roll it to the remaining 10K employees by the 3rd quarter.  Thank you to Dow Corning for sharing your story to the broader community.

Their scenario is broadly applicable to many chemical and agriculture companies.  They are growing globally, and they are collaborating more and more with outside partners (they cited engineering contractors in this case study).  It's a common trend in the industry, and it is driving new use cases and implications.  When people collaborate in new regions of the world, or with people outside of their four walls, companies need to implement additional protection on their IP, and make sure it is in compliance with all of the laws, policies and regulations.  The challenge is to do it in a way that is still easy for the users.  Dow Corning has figured it out...take a read.

Thought Rights Management is applicable to the enterprise (ie...all users) I am having a lot of conversations with R&D specifically on this topic.  Many R&D organizations aren't aware of what's available to them in this regard, and they go through major process hoops to protect their IP.  Mark Gandy talks about the productivity drain on their people (broadly, not just R&D) when they have to understand and interpret policies and go through extra steps to ensure compliance with IP protection policies and local law.