LyondellBasell Rolls Out Real-Time Web Dashboard to Monitor and Manage Emissions

Coincidentally to my last post, we just released a case study showing how LyondellBasell was able to meet the new air-quality requirements in Southeast, Texas using the VisionMonitor Compliance Intelligence solution written by one of our partners, VisionMonitor Software.

The case study highlights how LyondellBasell implemented new equipment at 8 sites to monitor emissions sources, but did not have a solution for aggregating the data, reporting on it, and having the level of auditing and record-keeping capabilities required by the new regulations.

They were able to go from selection to go-live with VisionMonitor in about 8 months, which exceeded their expectations.  More importantly, it allowed them to have the systems in place to meet the new Southeast Texas regulations.

A lot of what we do on the industry teams is focused on what we call Role-Based Productivity - which is really about extending the reach and richness of business applications to people who are collaborating and making decisions around a work process every day.  Bruce Pollard, Business Solutions Lead for Lyondell says it better than I can say it:

“Microsoft software helps us put data into our people’s hands to help them make smart decisions faster,” Pollard says. “It makes it easier for our people to use their expertise, and in the environmental area, that’s young expertise. The average age of an environmental engineer is significantly lower than that of our operating engineers. Web-based tools like VMCI are familiar to these people.”

Thank you to Bruce and to LyondellBasell for sharing this story...