Microsoft at the Upcoming PDMA & IIR's Front-End of Innovation Conference

I was reading a colleague's blog the other day who was excited to be home after a bunch of travel so that he could get back to blogging.  I find it the opposite - I tend to blog more when I travel than I do when I am home.  As you can tell, I have been home over the last week or so.

Anyway, for those of you attending the upcoming PDMA & IIR Annual Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston next week, come see what we are up to.  There is good chemical representation on the board (Ashland) and speaking (Dow Chemical and Dow Corning), and I suspect many of the chemical companies will be in attendance.  Our GM of Innovation will be speaking on the topic of new ideas for ideation, and we will have a booth hosted by our innovation process management solution leads.  You can get a glimpse of our innovation process management scenario here, but if you are at the conference, you will see some new things we are working on added to the scenario.

Our Innovation Process Management solution is built to allow you to take your structure innovation process and support it with technology through the lifecycle.  The solution is built on top of Office SharePoint Server 2007, and uses our Office Project Portfolio Server and Enterprise Project Management solutions as ideas become funded initiatives and into actual projects.