New Solution Showcase Content for Innovation Process Management

More and more, my chemical industry discussions have turned to innovation and supporting the innovation process.  Many chemical companies are reinvigorating their innovation process (undoubtedly some more quickly and with more focus than others), and there is an emerging need for technology that supports the innovation process.  Bill Polk from AMR, released a nice bit of research on Innovation in the Chemical Industry right before the holidays.  If you have an AMR account, definitely check it out.

We have released some new solution showcase content here, which talks about how you can use the Microsoft platform to support Innovation Process Management.  Our offering is focused on 3 areas:  ideation and knowledge capture, process and knowledge management (km), and product and portfolio management (PPM).  These capabilities are built on an architecture that supports a global R&D environment, and scenarios where you are collaborating with outside companies for R&D (be they academic, governmental, or other commercial companies).

When you look at the trends in R&D - emerging global R&D centers, combined with an aging workforce, combined with more and more work done beyond the four walls of the organization, you really need to look to tools that help you manage the process.

Anyway, take a look...