Drag n Drop Upload Control for Dynamics CRM 2013

Almost a year ago I was working on a PoC to demonstrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’s amazing new capabilities. One of the requirement of the PoC was to showcase drag-n-drop upload of documents. I wanted to deliver a quick PoC hence the code doesn’t handle all the scenarios, but it will give you a basic idea of how to provide such a feature on any of CRM Entity Forms. Also I have migrated the script to work with Dynamics CRM 2013.


  • Simple to setup
  • Handles basic validations
  • Refreshes the Notes control after files are uploaded
  • Tested with Dynamics CRM 2013(Will work with Dynamics CRM 2011 with minor changes in the script)

Setup Instructions 

  • Download the solution from here.
  • Import the solution in your CRM Instance where you would want to enable this functionality
  • Open the Entity form in From Designer Mode
  • Insert a Web Resource and point it to the Main.htm file as shown below:


  • Click on Ok. Save and Publish the Form.
  • Navigate to form and you will see an area on the form as shown below(depending upon how and where you have placed the upload control this may vary):
  • If there is any validation failing a message will appear under the drag and drop area.
  • Enjoy!!!

For those who are interested in details this control can save you minimum 6 clicks. I am sure anyone from Telco/Contact Center background would know how less number of clicks means more revenue/or less investment. Please note that I do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the solution published. Use it at your own risk. On the other hand if you find any challenge implementing this solution, do leave me a comment and I will try to help.