Article on Windows Vista Security

Security researchers look beyond Vista | InfoWorld | News | 2007-10-02 | By Nancy Gohring, IDG News Service

Here's a couple of fun quotes from the article:

The improved security in Microsoft's newest software products may leave some security researchers looking elsewhere for work.

One well-known researcher who goes by the name Halvar Flake called Vista "arguably the most secure closed-source OS available on the market," in a blog post about BlueHat. "As a result I think that most of the security researchers will move on to greener pastures for a while. Why try to chase a difficult overflow out of Vista when you have Acrobat Reader installed, some antivirus software with shoddy file parsing, and the latest iTunes?" [ed. - emphasis added]

"If you look at security as an engineering problem, then the message from the security researchers stops being 'you bad horrible people, you write bad code,' and starts becoming 'here are changes in the engineering landscape that you need to be aware of,'" [ed. - Dan Kaminksy, director of penetration testing services for IOActive, as quoted in the article]

After so many years of getting beaten down by so many about security issues, Windows Vista is "arguably the most secure closed-source OK available on the market".  Way to go guys!!!