Heroes happen {here} - launch dates finalized!


I just checked again on the Heroes happen {here} web site, and you can now register for all South Central Launch Events.  Here's a rundown on the schedule:

March 4 - San Antonio, TX

March 20 - Houston, TX

March 27 - Tulsa, OK

April 8 - Dallas, TX

April 29 - Baton Rouge, LA

Since the launch events are not coming to every city (sorry about that - I wish we could hit everywhere) talk to your local area User Group leader about hosting a Heroes Community Launch event.  Community Launch is a program that gives community leaders training and presentation materials that will enable them to lead their own local launch events. I bet if you ask them, they'd even let you help them put the event together!  If you need help finding the User Groups in your area, check out CodeZone, our online User Group portal.

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