Incredible DeepZoom Demo

imageMy most favorite SeaDragon demo is now available via Silverlight DeepZoom. The demo features a “fake” advertisement on a “fake” version of that, when you hover over it, turns into a DeepZoom-enabled version of the ad.  As you scroll around the advertisement, you can see incredible levels of detail on the Land Rover, as well as zoom into pictures of other cars.  In the lower right-hand corner, there’s event a series of photos for other cars, which you can “deep zoom” into to get right up and inspect the dashboards, and other interior features.

I’ve been thinking recently about interesting ways to take advantage of DeepZoom, and this type of advertisement is definitely one of the most obvious.  Without taking up a great deal of screen real estate, you can display a powerfully large bit of information.  It’s almost like self-service:  if the main ad catches your eye, then you can zoom in to see more, and more, and more details. 

This would also be valuable for things like travel sites and travel brochures – showing pictures of the locations as well as accommodations, rental cars and important documentation with which you’d want to familiarize yourself before traveling to your destination, and photo-management software where you can sift through thousands of photos at a time to pick out the ones you need.

Right now, DeepZoom has a lot of WOW factor but I haven’t seen too many places using it yet – maybe that’s because it’s still in beta, maybe that’s because they’re thinking about the same things I am.  Either way, I expect that more and more people will take advantage of this technology in more, interesting ways.  For now, here’s a set of links to some cool DeepZoom stuff:

The Car Ad:

Hard Rock Memorabilia -

Silverlight 2 Developer Poster -

Silverlight DeepZoom Tutorial -

PhotoZoom – (Flickr meets DeepZoom)

Repositioning Images -

If you have some cool DeepZoom examples, tutorials, or whatever, please post a comment to this post and share it with us!

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