InstallFest Poland

A few months ago, our team worked with several local-area User Groups to put on these events we called InstallFest.  The idea was to get people together talking about all the cool new features Visual Studio 2008 and hand out some free copies of the software to as many people as we could.  Inspired by this, some of my new friends Szymon Kobalczyk from the from Kraków Grupa .NET and Łukasz Olbromski from the the Wrocławska Grupa .NET (2 .NET User Groups in Poland) decided that they wanted to host their own versions of the InstallFest parties.

Szymon contacted me back in the beginning of December, and then Łukasz in January, to find out what plans we were making and what approach we were taking to put on these InstallFest parties, to make sure that theirs went as successful as ours.  I was pleased to learn that both events were smashing successes!  I've got some links to share with blog posts and pictures posted online:

Quite unexpectedly, I received this scanned image in the mail a short while back from Łukasz and his group in Wroclaw:


It's a really nice certificate thanking me for helping them with their event.  I'm really pleased to have been able to help, but of course all the credit for these events go to the hard-working leaders of the Poland .NET User Groups. 

So, to you - my new friends in Poland - I say Dziękują! (which better mean Thank You, or I'm getting a new translator).

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