Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook!

OK - So maybe you already know this, but I'm a total Keyboard Junkie.  The mouse is really cool for a lot of things, but with Office, I like to keep my hands on the keyboard and get "distracted" by the mouse as little as possible. With many of the new features in Office 2007, the mouse is a key part of the experience, and I've come to terms with that, but when I find a great keyboard shortcut, I just have to share it. 

The magic key sequences?  Control-<number key>.  When pressed, these key combinations show the following features within Outlook:

CTRL+1 - Email
CTRL+2 - Calendar
CTRL+3 - Contacts
CTRL+4 - To Do List
CTRL+5 - Notes
CTRL+6 - Folder List
CTRL+7 - Shortcuts
CTRL+8 - Journal (does anyone still use this?!?!)

I will be all about CTRL+1 and CTRL+2 as I attempt to navigate the 80+ gazillion emails I get everyday and try to keep my Outlook calendar more in sync with what I'm actually doing...

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