SharePoint for Developers Video Series

My friend Kirk Evans has been doing an incredible video series called “SharePoint for Developers” out on Channel 9.  There are 5 episodes so far, and they’re all very well done.  The segments are short enough to get everything on the first viewing, but solid enough to bookmark for reference later.

Here’s a listing of what’s available today:

SharePoint for Developers Part 1- Introducing VSeWSS 1.3

SharePoint for Developers Part 2- Working with Features

SharePoint for Developers Part 3 - Expression Blend and Silverlight

SharePoint for Developers Part 4 - Calling SharePoint Web Services from Silverlight

SharePoint for Developers Part 5 - Custom content types, fields, and lists


Whether you’re just learning about SharePoint development, or an experienced SharePoint dev interested in some new stuff, you should all check out Kirk’s Video Sessions on Channel 9!


Tags: Expression Blend, MOSS, Office, Sharepoint, Silverlight, Silverlight 2, VSeWSS, Web Services

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