Tools List

Someone at the Launch event a few weeks ago asked me what tools I use when presenting as well as any cool developer tools that I use when developing.  I figured that with Hanselman’s List, having another list didn’t make a lot of sense since I get a lot of value out of what he’s already put together, but then I figured if it was in a Blog post, then I’d always have it around for when I needed to rebuild my machine :)

I’m posting it here, as a first draft, but am planning to make this a “page” within Community Server so that I can edit it later.  Anyway, here goes (and in no particular order):

  • Paint.NET
  • Office Communicator 2007
  • Digsby
  • Twhirl
  • Live Mesh
  • Firefox – for testing down-level browsers ;-)
  • Feed Demon from Newsgator
  • Newsgator Go! for mobile
  • Newsgator Toolbar
  • Toolbar buttons
  • Flickr Downloadr
  • Virtual Earth
  • Windows Live Writer + lots of plugins
  • IE7 Pro
  • Live Meeting + Outlook add-ins
  • 7-Zip
  • ZoomIt (Sysinternals)
  • Process Explorer (Sysinternals)
  • Xobni
  • Windows Mobility Center – although this comes with Vista, I have to mention it here because it ROCKS.  WMC makes it SUPER easy to manage a LOT of your laptop settings from a simple control panel.  Whenever I connect to an external projector, I use this instead of some funky F-key sequence.  WMC works every single time.
  • Foxit Reader – way faster than Adobe’s Reader. 
  • Reflector
  • IE8 Debugging Tools
  • Fiddler

I'm sure that I've forgotten something, but I can always go back to this page to update it.  When I get time, I'll add links to all the tools so it will be easy for you to download them.