User Groups in South Central District

I have begun the process of compiling a giant list of all the developer-focused User Groups across TX, OK, LA and AR.  I know I don't have them all yet, and might not have all the exact details correct on all of them, but I get so many questions about user groups that I wanted to get this list out there to everyone sooner rather than later: Groups/

As of the last count, I've identified 68 User Groups across TX, OK, LA and AR encompassing .NET, Java, Ruby, Agile, Architecture, Study Groups and more.  If you know of groups in this geography that are missing from this list, please let me know and I'll add them.  If you see any mistakes on this list, please send me the updated information and I will make the updates.  Also, since this list is based on Windows SharePoint Services, the list is accessible via the WSS built-in support for Web Services.  I'd encourage you to share this list with your friends so that we can help these User Group leaders promote their groups to a much wider audience.

Eventually, once all the addresses are in (and I find the extra time) I'll put up a map of all the groups to make it even easier for you to find them!  More to come later...

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