Australia ISV Newsletter


At various events this week, a few partners asked how to:

  1. unsubscribe to the global/US newsletters they don't read

  2. subscribe to our ISV newsletter which is emailed monthly to partners in the ISV Competency within the Microsoft Partner Program and is a great supplement to my blog :)


So, to look at your profile and your current subscriptions, click here to visit the Microsoft Profile Centre and to unsubscribe to any Microsoft newsletter, just reply when you receive an edition with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.  To subscribe to the ISV newsletter, click here

And now meet the person who writes the ISV Newsletter: Luisa Pagliarini.  Hello Luisa and thank you.  Luisa has worked hard on reducing the amount of content and making it more relevant.  The trend is going the right way but as usual we're keen on receiving any feedback or comments on how to improve this service...

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