Innovation Day Feedback

We are starting to plan our next set of Innovation Days, which is our ISV road show across Australia.  We collated some feedback from the Nov/Dec events and it's summarised below:

  • Attendees - a real mix of people across the board
    • 50.5% of attendees were developers
    • 34.5% were technical decision makers
    • 16% were business decision makers
    • 6% were something else (e.g. consultants)
    • a third of people did multiple jobs
  • Overall Event Satisfaction:
    • Good use of time and timing (breakfast) was well received
    • A lot of information to consume (most preferred information at a high level, whilst a few wanted deeper technical presentations)
    • Many wanted actual customer case studies and best practice examples
  • Location:
    • The majority were pleased with the event being held at the branch offices
    • Only hiccup was the Sydney event which was held in the City and a couple came to the North Ryde office
  • Timing:
    • City locations seem to be preferred for an early start for breakfast
    • A 8am arrival for a 8.30am start seems to be the ideal time
    • A morning event was preferred over a full day or a half day in the afternoon

I'm really interested in what you have to say so we can incorporate this into our planning.  Please let me know topic is of interest to you and if I've missed anything please either add it to the other box or leave a comment.

Thanks as always.

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