MOSS Portal for Aussie Information Worker Partners


Saw this on Siatro's blog (who is Siatro below) about how you demo a live Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) environment whilst you are on a customer site.

Have you ever wished you could demo a live MOSS environment without having to wheel around large VM's?

Have you ever considered leaving a Web site with your customer to play with after you have done your pitch?

Have you considered doing a PoC on your customer's premises without having to go through the rigmarole of touching their IT infrastructure?

I have been working with Emantra, one of our top MOSS, Exchange and OCS hosters, on an idea to provide Australian partners with an IW competency a hosted MOSS environment at no charge.  Partners can use this to do online demos, create custom sites for their customers as well as do PoC's.  Emantra have told me they'd be happy to provide this service to the Microsoft partner community and the infrastructure has been provisioned and ready to go.

If you are interested, call 1 300 728 953 to register.

I hope you find this useful!


Steve Iatropoulos (aka Siatro) is an Information Worker Technology Specialist (IW PTS) and is looking for feedback on this service, so feel free to ping him an email.

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