SharePoint Goes Web 2.0


I'm been looking at this community kit for SharePoint for a while now and as Eileen says: more and more people are coming round to the idea of SharePoint Wikis and blogs, so the release of our web 2.0 "addon" (great marketing term eh?) is a really great idea for anyone who needs to interact with their customers.

This community kit for SharePoint consists of a set of  to open up your site to a whole new set of features.  Take Hawaiian Airlines for example.  what a lovely site.  Built in SharePoint.  All they need is to add the blogs and wikis feature for customer feedback and they've got a truly interactive customer experience..

If you're interested in creating a community site using SharePoint instead of community server, here's a good place to start.  And if it's other stuff you're looking for - go here to get the community portal with all resources in one centralised place...

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