SharePoint the Facebook for Business?

I was looking up the link of Lawrence Liu's blog for a partner I met yesterday and noticed this entry about will Microsoft become the Facebook for the Enterprise?  It's this article that has been making its rounds internally at Microsoft so Lawrence blogged it.

Lawrence being one of the Microsoft SharePoint guys believes this will be in the form of SharePoint... and I'm inclined to believe him.  I'm sure there will be plenty more information at the SharePoint Conference in March.

There are plenty of examples of web sites built on MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) 2007, check out some of these lists:

Some other news on SharePoint:

Joel Oleson has also had a number of interesting postings over the last few days.

Some other recent cool postings I came across:

Need some training?

  • The final and complete edition of the end-user Office SharePoint Server 2007 training is now available in the "Download Center". The training comes with rich set of videos, tutorials and articles that help end users learn the basics of SharePoint's workloads.
    It is available as two editions:
    • Portal Edition: built on the Microsoft SharePoint Learning Kit, the Portal Edition must be deployed onto a SharePoint Server site by a server administrator. It includes a reporting function that allows an administrator/trainer to track learners' completed training topics. The content is compliant to the e-learning standard SCORM 2004.
    • Standalone Edition: can be installed by an individual and easily accessed from a desktop icon. It does not allow customization or reporting, but give customers the ability to view the training before they deploy the Portal Edition on a SharePoint Server site

Need more info on Web Content Management? MOSS Web CM - real world customer experience

We recently released two MSDN articles that address some key topics in Web Content Management. This guidance is based on real world customer experience. It addresses customer and partner questions on customisation and performance when using SharePoint technology in customer-facing publishing solutions.