Tell Microsoft about your Product


Nick blogged this a while back about how ISV's could make Microsoft aware of their products.  This is once of my FAQ's and there's a well defined process to follow, due to the complexity of the intellectual property laws.  There isn't a simple way of making the relevant business groups aware of your solution or product without going through a more controlled assessment.

More detail: Microsoft has established a comprehensive review process to evaluate third party business proposals. The Opportunity Management Centre (OMC) provides you a safe and effective way to engage Microsoft with your business proposal and ensures you receive timely feedback and relevant resources. This site is designed to help you efficiently submit a business proposal for consideration by Microsoft.

How the review process works:

  • Upon receipt of your proposal, an experienced business development manager is assigned to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your proposal with colleagues from across Microsoft's business units.
  • Proposals are evaluated against current business objectives and priorities.
  • Preliminary feedback and next steps will be communicated by email within 15 business days.
  • The Proposal Submission Tool guides you through the submission process.

For additional information or details about the process, please review the FAQ or other program resources listed in the left navigation bar.  Visit for more information.