What is RSS again?

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Are you struggling articulating what RSS is and how to use it?  Despite the several easy videos and articles on the web, I've failed in explaining what RSS is to people new to blogs.  A simple search results in plenty of services who for delivering RSS feeds as email...

Nick today spotted via Bruce's blog that Feedburner offers a service to do just this - allows people to subscribe to a blog via email.  Simply visit http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=1471969, enter your email and verify it and hey presto... my new posts will be emailed to you instead of you having to use RSS.

Bruce Rasmussen incidentally works for a company called Carpe Diem Consulting and started a new blog to share sales and marketing advice with Microsoft Partners.  It references plenty of good advice and worth subscribing too!  Welcome to the blog sphere Bruce and thanks for tip.