Dynamic Provisioning for ConfigMgr hits the Shelf – TechNet Magazine Sept 2009

I promised early on to not use “marketing” as a ploy in my blog and trust me this is painful to write.  However, if it wasn’t for the fact that many of the blog posts here are directly related, I decided to go ahead with a little bit of selfish plugging.  In a story format, I recently wrote a TechNet Magazine (September 2009) article entitled Dynamically Provision Configuration Manager Roles using VMM and Operations Manager that focuses on much of the topics I outline here in my blog.  The primary difference is that it is a beginning to end approach and lot less scattered than my blog posts.  For those who have attended my presentation  (MMS, etc.) of the same title, this is the “word” format of that same presentation though you get to see all the pieces and visuals of it working.

TechNetMagSept2009 The article focuses on the following:
   VMM:  Building your Nucleus
   VMM Server Installation
   VMM Agent Installations
   VMM Library:  The Building Blocks of Dynamic Provisioning
   Don’t Send in the Clones
   Working with Profiles and Templates
   WAIK Up
   From Static to Dynamic
   Test and Verify

This article will give you the baseline to understand the concept of dynamic provisioning of Configuration Manager 2007 client-based roles such as MP’s, DP’s, and SUP’s.  This greatly improves your scale unit and ensures that your infrastructure handles the client users in real time instead of running services all the time costing power and management cycles.

To summarize, let me share the “At a Glance” with you -

   Save time with Unattended Installs
   Understanding VMM Libraries
   Dynamic versus Static Provisioning
   Integrating VMM with Operations Manager


I want to give a shout out thanks to Hector Linares (PM on VMM team) as he was the technical reviewer for the article.  From my team, a thanks to Jason Githens, Catherine Campbell, and Angela Schmeil who reviewed the article and “cleaned it up” for me.