My new gig is Office Labs

For some time I've been quiet about what I have been up to since leaving the OneNote team in the capable hands of David and the gang. Well, today my new team's external site went live at

As you can see on that site, Office Labs is a "try it and see what there is to find" kind of place. We experiment with many different ideas, large and small. Most of them stay internal to Microsoft because they just aren’t as interesting as we hoped, or we can find out what we need from internal usage. But some of them we will be putting out on for the general public (you folks!) to try so we can understand how "normal" people would use these tools. Now of course, as we bloggers and blog-readers know, we're not actually normal - you could even debate whether the blogosphere is more warped than the set of Microsoft employees, who comprise an interesting cross-section of job types, experiences, and cultures. But I digress.

Head on over to and check it out. We'll have more projects to share throughout the year.