goes live!

Hello Folks!

I am sure many of you know the name Harry Brelsford and of his SMB Nation Community. Well, Harry and friends have recently announced the opening of Cloud Nation to service the needs of VAR’s, businesses, and other technology providers in getting on board with and leveraging cloud related technologies. Not only are they providing services for you to sell, but also help in getting industry standard certifications to help you prove to your customers that you are the expert that you are.

What I love about the site is that when you first go to, you are asked if you are an IT Pro (you install, secure, maintain solutions) or a Business Person (decision maker or looking for business value).



I just signed up on the IT Pro side of things and I now have access to a Windows desktop, Office 2010 Professional, and more from any machine I am on.  Essentially a package of applications exposed through a Windows desktop, all of which resides in the cloud and can be access from any machine anywhere you are.  Makes for a great remote workspace and is an excellent starting point for you to customize and make more available to your customers.

If you would like to learn more about what the portal can do for you and your customers, checkout the whitepaper they have published at -