Analysis Services 2005 (OLAP) Permission for Project Server 2007

Common questions and answers on AS 2K5 permissions for EPM 2007 (thank you David & Steven):


Getting Cube to Build

1. Which application account is responsible for building the cube? Is this the SSP account? The SharePoint Timer Service account?

SSP account

2. What are the database permissions needed for this account? DataReader on ReportServer? DataReader and DataWriter on OLAPdb?

DataReader on ReportServer, DataReader and DataWriter on OLAPdb (if using SQL as Analysis repository)

3. What are the system permissions needed for this account on the Project Server machines? On the SQL Server machine? On the Analysis Services machine?

Simple user on PS machine. Have not tested on separate SQL/AS machine, but for AS, it needs to be an AS Admin. In some cases I had to put it as a local admin on the SQL server.

4. Do you have a list of common error messages with their solutions?

Allowing Users to View the Cube

1. What permissions need to be setup for users to view the cube? I think part of this stems from the new Analysis Services 2005 security model.

Normally, the right security is added automatically to a defaut AS role during the cube build.

The user added to this role have the Data analysis Project server right. Typically in the Portfolio group