Integrating EPM 2007 with Line of Business Solutions such as ERP Systems

As Project Server is gaining visibility as an enterprise application and a key application within companies, it needs to integrate with existing system starting typically with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft. A recurring question I thus hear from customers is for instance: How do you integrate Project Server with SAP?

There are several ways to integrate EPM with SAP depending on what integration is needed (CATS, xRPM, R/3 CO/PS…) but typically there three approaches to achieve it:

1. Use a partner solution such as the one mentioned below



Site Address


Impress for EPM

The Campana & Schott Group

CS Connect

The Project Group


More information about partner solutions for EPM can be found on this site: EPM Connect

2. Build your own interface using the EPM 2007 SDK (a combination of PSI calls, custom events handlers and potential workflows)

Microsoft will be releasing later on this year an update for Project Server 2007 to its ERP Connector developed initially for Project Server 2003 (

3. Build your own interface + leverage existing Business Process and Integration (BPI) system such as Microsoft Biztalk:

Due to the potential functional complexity of integrating EPM and SAP I do recommend working with one of the experienced partner mentioned above; the partner will bring industry/customer experience on how to best and efficiently integrate Project Server 2007 and SAP.