Microsoft Project 2010 Fireworks Next Week-#project2010 #join2010

Wondering about the following?

  • when will the RTM version of the Project 2010 SDK is going live with extensive documentation and code samples
  • when will the latest system requirements, installation procedure go live on TechNet
  • when will the Project Professional 2010 and Project Server 2010 RTM Demo image content pack with an awesome demo scripts and plenty of fireworks around the new 2010 capabilities (did I hear there is a decomposition tree from PerformancePoint Services in the dashboard now…)
  • when will customers 2010 case studies and video testimonials become available
  • when will thousands of pages of end user, IT Professionals, Developers documentation not to mention hours of videos be live
  • when will the Microsoft Project portal be updated with 2010 content

Well the answer is quite simple, have a restful week-end and see you next week for the Microsoft Project 2010 launch! (Microsoft Project 2010: Work management solutions for individuals, teams and enterprises May 12, 2010)

In case you missed it:

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Microsoft Project 2010 Dashboard Microsoft Project 2010 decomposition tree