Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite Online Recordings Are Live!

We are very happy to announce that along with the virtual launch of Microsoft Project 2010 today, the recordings of the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite went live today: Following the worldwide delivery of Ignite to about 900 attendees in 9 cities, Jan Kalis and myself recorded the event at Microsoft Studio last April. Topics discussed in this series are listed below; there is a total of 8.5 hours of valuable recording available at your fingertip that you should all watch (5.5 hours of presentation and 3 hours of product demonstrations). 

Each module is conveniently delivered using a Silverlight player as shown below, that gives you the ability to view the presenter and the slides as the same time as well as give you a chapter breakdown and full transcription of presentation.

Please note that the primary goal of the Ignite content was to enable technical readiness prior to launch, focusing specifically on what’s new with respect to EPM 2007, hence we highly encourage you invest in training for a successful implementation of this exciting release of Microsoft Project 2010. Last but not least please remember that there plenty of other Project 2010 resources as listed below that went live today with the launch.

Module Name Presentation (mm:ss) Demo (mm:ss)
Introduction 12:51 00:00
Planning, Design, and Deployment 40:01 05:14
Upgrade & Migration 30:31 11:04
Demand Management 35:22 24:29
Portfolio Strategy 34:30 25:55
Timesheet & Statusing 30:02 19:39
Reporting Part 1 27:25 26:21
Reporting Part 2 09:50 29:58
Administration 26:12 14:21
Operations 22:51 20:27
Development/Extensibility 21:59 06:12
Conclusion 35:31 00:00
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