Microsoft RML Utilities for SQL Server

Handy tool for your WSS/MOSS/EPM deployments.

Brief Description

Tools to help database administrators manage the performance of Microsoft SQL Server.


Do you know which databases or applications are using the most resources on your server? How will a service pack upgrade, configuration change or application change affect your production SQL Server? The RML Utilities for SQL Server provide you a set of tools and processes to answer these questions and much more.
The RML utilities allow you to process SQL Server trace files and view reports showing how SQL Server is performing. For example, you can quickly see:
Which application, database or login is using the most resources, and which queries are responsible for that
Whether there were any plan changes for a batch during the time when the trace was captured and how each of those plans performed
What queries are running slower in today's data compared to a previous set of data
You can also test how the system will behave with some change (different service pack or hotfix build, changing a stored procedure or function, modifying or adding indexes, and so forth) by using the provided tools to replay the trace files against another instance of SQL Server. If you capture trace during this replay you can use the tools to directly compare to the original baseline capture.