Project 2010 (aka Project 14), 14 days before liftoff and beyond

While we are about less than 14 days before Microsoft Project 2010 liftoff according to my Countdown to 2010 Event widget. While Brian Smith is doing a fruit salad (see Project Server 2010- Things to note, and avoid, as you start the 2010 journey…); always love the writing style and humor :) (I would add to his list: IE 7 or IE 8 ONLY are required for PWA, not to mention Excel 2007 or above to create sexy looking Excel Services dashboard, etc…), and helping all our early adopters; I wanted to take a few minutes break and share some quick thoughts before this major milestone. Microsoft Project 2010 Countdown
First as you can guess while the product team has been busy working on the next version (yes after 2010) specially since the product is now RTM (yes it’s not available everywhere yet but it will soon be (we all have been waiting for about 3.5 years, so a few more days/weeks is insignificant correct?) so Patience <- with the voice of Yoda speaking to Luke), the Project Marketing team which I’m a proud member of has been busy preparing for launch. Since I arrived as a Technical Product Manager in Redmond in September 2007 (so after the Project 2007 launch), this is my first product launch and it has a very exciting time but also extremely busy as you can all imagine. It’s great to see initiatives we have been working on for the past several months/years come to life; hard to share how good I feel about May 12th but trust me I will have a glass of Champagne to celebrate it! Microsoft Project 2010 Rocket
Secondly, Jan and I have also been actively planning next steps and what are the big bets we want to achieve in terms of technical readiness in the next fiscal year (starts July 1, 2010 in the Microsoft world), so our ask to all of you whether your are a customer/partner/MVP… and based on what you have seen so far with respect to Project 2010 technical readiness (webcasts, events, content on MSDN and TechNet, Ignite, Technical Adoption Programs, etc…) do you have suggestions/ideas on what we should be doing this next fiscal? (please send me an email directly if you have my info or use this blog Email link and put FY11 Planning in the email subject). Don’t get me wrong, we have put together an exciting plan so far, but we are always open to suggestion, feedback, and great ideas on how to drive Project 2010 adoption everywhere (yes we have budget!)! PS: I made the “Alpha” rocket last week end for my son, and it took off on and on like a rocket :) A perfect 2010 sign! Microsoft Project 2010 Liftoff