Sample Project Server 2003 to Project Server 2007 Migration Plan

Due to popular requests, please find below a sample plan to migrate from EPM 2003 to EPM 2007. Use this plan as a guide and a reminder of all phases and tasks that need to be accomplished during the migration project. The effort (“work”) for each task does not necessarily represent what is required for your environment so use it with a “grain of salt”.

The migration project is divided into four phases:

1. Resource Planning – In this phase the hardware and personal resources must be requested and obtained. It is assumed that a full 4 working weeks will be needed to accomplish this.

2. Migration Planning - here initial training occurs, plans are made, expectations are set, and agreements from all parties are obtained.

3. Migration Test – Here a test system is built out, and the migration procedures are tried out and verified for correctness. This duration of this phase is difficult to predict as issues sometimes occur that must be addressed by support.

4. Production Migration – Here we build up a new production system, migrate the data, and have all users verify that the data has migrated correctly. When this step is successfully completed, the old system can be turned off.

 Project Server Migration Plan

Project Server 2003 to 2007