Tools available to test Project and Project Server 2007

Please find below an inventory of tools that can be used to perform the following tests:

  • Capacity Planning & Scalability Tests & Performance Tests
  • Testing & stress testing customizations (event handlers, COM add-in …)

Do not use these tools in a Production environment.

Tool Description Comments

Test Framework

Controller/client test framework can be used to test any assembly or .exe with and object model (Project Professional 2007 and/or any MS Office app) Great tool recently published on CodePlex to automate winproj (Project desktop) testing, I’ve used in the past to Impact of Latency on Project Professional 2007
EPM 2007 Test Data Population Tool The EPM (Project Server) 2007 Test Data Population Tool enables you to load large amounts of EPM data: resources, projects, tasks, assignments into a Project Server 2007 database. Key tool to populate the Project Server database before running any scalability tests.
Project Server 2007 Timesheet data population tool The Project Server 2007 Timesheet Data Population Tool enables you to simulate timesheet entries in your farm. This tool can help you perform scalability studies of your PS architecture and validate the sizing of an existing architecture (by measuring timesheet queue throughput for instance).  
Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool The Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool will help you monitor all queue activities for a specific Project Web Access (PWA) instance. This tool leverages the standard Project Server Interface publicly documented web services to query and retrieve jobs in the Project Server queues, further you can configure the tool to filter the information retrieved by Message Types and Job types. Useful to monitor queue activity during a stress test.
Visual Studio 2008 - Team System Provides a comprehensive suite of testing tools for Web applications and services that are integrated into the Visual Studio environment. These testing tools enable testers to author, execute, and manage tests and related work items—all from within Visual Studio. Visual Studio offers great out of the box functionally to perform PWA scenarios but more importantly it’s an extremely powerful tool to collect and analyze performance counters on multiple servers.