A new Microsoft community effort - MSDN Connection

The new MSDN Connection program is out... Frank Arrigo annouced it today. It has been a while since I first heard about this from Chuck, but it is worth the wait. The idea behind the MSDN connection program is a noble one: to help bring together the Microsoft and .Net communities, to give them a voice, to give them a touch point, to provide them with information and, most importantly, to connect them and help give them a whole new level of cohesion.

One gripe... I hope the Active developer level is changed shortly to include community activity as well as official certification completion. I'm sure I remember talking to Chuck about a community program that recognises activity in the community as much as it recognises activity in the certification process.

It is also interesting to note that this is being trialled in Australia to see how it goes. So get involved and get yourself heard. If it catches on we'll be able to say... it started here first.