Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins: Information sources

The Office Add-ins for Dynamics AX 2012 are a great tool for working with Dynamics AX data. The Word Add-in primarily enables document generation and the Excel Add-in enables a number of scenarios involving Dynamics AX data including refreshable data exports, adhoc reporting, document generation, data manipulation, and data import.

I recently became the guy responsible for the Office Add-ins. I presented about the Add-Ins at the Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011 and I'll be presenting at Convergence 2012 next month.

As with any piece of software there are best practices to be followed, quirks to understand, and things to work around. Many of these are covered in the end user help content (F1 help), MSDN Dynamics AX 2012 Documentation for Developers, Microsoft Dynamics Information Source, or in more collaborative information streams like the AX Support Blog. In the near future I’ll discuss some things that may not have made it through those other channels.

In addition to providing some commentary and information here, hopefully I’ll hear from some of you with your thoughts and comments. I’m looking forward to it…