MBF: Will we see you before 2007?

A recent article from eWeek has quoted Microsoft Developer Division Executive Soma Somasegar about timelines related to Longhorn. MBF got a mention as well:

Somasegar also acknowledged that the MBF (Microsoft Business Framework), which is tied to WinFS functionality, will likely be delayed until 2007 but that Microsoft is looking to speed its delivery.

"We're also starting to look at whether there is a way to accelerate the delivery of MBF, and the teams are working through plans," he said. "If we continue with the dependency on WinFS, it'll be in 2007, whenever WinFS ships."

MBF's visibility has been increasing lately and so it should be... the release of MBF will be a huge event for business application developers. I hope I'll be able to blog a little about the features of MBF in the near future.

On a more personal note: I start in Fargo on the 18th of October! :)