All in All it's Fantastic Courseware for All!

We don’t need no education? What about an instruction manual to help teach you how to climb The Microsoft Wall? Or, the 'stack' as we usually refer to it... Think about it, to climb a wall, built solid with hundreds of smooth bricks would be very difficult. Indeed, the difficulty would increase as the size of the wall increased. It would be a lot easier if certain bricks had been removed so as to provide a foothold enabling you to easily scale to the summit and get over the obstacle to the other side with as little fuss as possible.

Now, in the past I think it’s fair to say that Microsoft haven’t been particularly great at helping our partners get over the wall, particularly when it comes to learning about ways in which to sell, deploy and develop on/with Microsoft solutions.

Therefore, the new learning paths are a breath of fresh air!  They can be used to eliminate any obscure and outdated training available and provide concise guidance for Partners to get ready for our upcoming wave of Exchange/Vista/Office (EVO) products.

Learning Paths1 Learning Paths2

We currently have the following learning paths enabled, Exchange Sales & Technical for IT Professionals, Information Worker Sales and Technical for IT Professionals and/or Developers.  Over time there will be updates to include far more content so be sure to check back on this site periodically if getting ready to sell, deploy and build on EVO is something your organisation needs to take seriously!

We don't need no more frustration, we don't want just to enroll.  No obscure courses in the classroom...  All in all it's fantastic courseware for all!

Ciao for now :)

P.S. I used Windows Vista Snipping Tool for the first time to create these screenshots, a really useful little utility I've found under the Accessories program group in build 5728 :)