Exchange/Vista/Office Roadshow

The time has come to for the Exchange/Vista/Office (EVO) Microsoft Partner Roadshow! The Road to Sell?

In preparation for Microsoft’s largest ever technology release, the UK will be hosting a Partner Roadshow to help provide an understanding of various opportunities surrounding Exchange, Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System (EVO). An insight into solution selling scenarios and demonstrations for the people_ready business will be provided alongside insight into how the EVO technology stack represents a platform for partners to increase hardware and services opportunities.

If you would like to understand how EVO solutions can solve real world business problems then this series of ninety minute sessions could well be worth attending. Also, an overview of the different SKU’s and options available will be included.

So the common fear of licence which exists in every place, it’s common sense we’ll show you how to tell. This ain’t no technological breakdown, oh no, this is the road to sell...

Have a look here for more information and to how register...  Did I mention it was free of charge?

Ciao for now :)