Get Open Office for Free with Java RunTime Update!

A novel new update from Sun...

Free OpenOffice with every Java RunTime update...

Before you’re tempted to install this, maybe consider the following...


Read this for a business perspective which can help understand the “productivity software” claims, for sure a contradiction in terms!!!

Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2.2.0 Mail Merge Comparison

"I was recently employed part time by a charity which uses OpenOffice. A longtime Microsoft Word, etc., user...Mailmerge!! It only took you fifty minutes! Congratulations. It's taken me hours and hours of puzzling to the point of neurosis and I'm no nearer success."


And from a consumer perspective, would you open the door to anyone and let them in without checking first?

Proof-of-concept virus gives insight into security failings

" exhibits some unusual properties that provide insight into the security failings of OpenOffice and reveal attack vectors that could potentially be used in the future. The most notable aspect of the BadBunny virus is its cross-platform nature. It can successfully infect Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems and is capable of propagating itself on both Windows and Linux."


Oh, and the Google toolbar is bundled in the installation also... The Windows Live toolbar for comparison is available here.