Visual Studio Profiler Talk at TechEd 2007

Steve Carroll, the profiler dev lead, and Marc Popkin-Paine, the profiler QA lead, will be presenting at TechEd 2007 tomorrow, June 7th:

DEV313 - Improving Code Performance with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System  [N210 E] June 07 9:45 AM 11:00 AM

They'll be explaining and demonstrating how developers can use the VSTS profiler to gain insight into the performance of their applications. You might also catch some of the profiler's shiny new features for Orcas, like performance report comparisons.

If you're interested in analyzing and improving the performance of your application, which you probably should be, then I encourage you to attend, ask questions, and give suggestions. If you can't make it to sunny Orlando, then head over to Virtual TechEd for coverage.