Azure Tidbit - Information dump on Flow and PowerApps

Hello All,

As mentioned the integration for Flow and PowerApps is coming to SPO shortly, so here is some information to help you dive in

First flow is a service to help you automate business process between your favorite apps and this includes SharePoint Online there are many prebuilt templates that you can take advantage of, please check out the following articles to help you understand this topic:

Get started with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow Guided Learning

 Apps to help with Flow

                             Microsoft -

                             Apple -

                             Google -

Then there is PowerApps; the way to create business application including Forms for SharePoint.  This engine will allow you to connect to many different sources to create data, pull data, etc without ever having to write code.  As well gives you the ability to create complicated apps to respond to all business needs big and small, please check out the following articles for more information

              Get Started with PowerApps


              Microsoft PowerApps docs


              SharePoint welcomes PowerApps and Microsoft Flow


              Apps to help with PowerApps for all platforms and needs


This information is really only the tip of the iceberg, so go and get to know these amazing engines and what they can do for your enterprise.