Visual Studio 2010 Designer Multi-Targeting

Visual Studio 2010 has been out for a couple of weeks now.  What a great time for me to kick off a new blog to discuss some of the insights and contributions I made to the designer multi-targeting experience.  I’ll be focusing on new features in VS 2010, how they work, and guidance for how to write designer code that supports multi-targeting.  I’ll mostly be looking at Windows and Web Forms designers.

For an introduction on Multi-Targeting, you can check out Scott Guthrie’s post.

Here are some topics I’m planning (I’ll update this list with links as I go):

  1. A Project’s Target Framework
  2. Designer Filtering using Reference Assemblies
  3. Multi-Targeting Designer Services
  4. Enabling for Control Designers
  5. TypeDescriptor Updates in .NET4
  6. When and How to do Target-Aware Reflection
  7. Runtime versus Reflection Types
  8. Design Time Assembly Resolution
  9. Type Resolution Service
  10. Avoiding Multi-Targeting Memory Leaks

UPDATE – Here are a few other blog posts on Visual Studio 2010 Multi-Targeting:

  1. Assembly Resolution in MSBuild and Visual Studio (Part 1, Part 2, …)
  2. Web Custom Control Behavior and Authoring